Expanding Your Stable Yard

Monday, 27 July 2015

So your stabling business has been going really well, and you’re ready to expand. But to increase your take of customers you are going to need more accommodation. Whether you have ideas to expand your current stable block, or build a brand new american barn, you will need to apply for planning permission.

When it comes to the planning process, any extra information you can provide about your project will help expedite the process and increase the likelihood of approval. As well as providing your application forms, location plan and scale drawings, make an effort to include your considerations on the wider-scale impact of your business growth. Whilst not always required, including documentation on the following issues may help your cause:

Business Proposal

An overview of your business strategy, perhaps the same one used if borrowing money from the bank, will show you are serious and demonstrate a professional attitude to the development. If anything, it will help show you are willing to do things the right way and take all potential consequences and future aspects into consideration. You do not have to include exact figures, a general overview will suffice.

Pasture Management

If you are potentially taking in more horses, you will need to consider how this impacts on pasture. Demonstrate how the expansion will be seamlessly managed and maintained without compromising the health of existing horses or new additions.

The BHS provides some useful information on pasture management that will help ensure you are doing things the right way.

Environmental Impact

Tying in with considerations for pasture management is how you will handle the increase in waste and any additional impacts on the local environment. More animals equals more waste, and you’ll need to show how you plan to negate the issue. Also, outline how the business growth won’t affect the local biodiversity of the area.

Accessibility and Social Issues

With more customers coming and going throughout the day, you are going to have to look at whether your current access arrangements to the property will suffice. Is there sufficient room for parking already, or will work need to be done? If so, you may need to include that in the existing or new planning documents.

Access information is typically provided in your design and access statement, along with the outline of the business and construction plans, but any additional information won’t hurt. It may also be worth while providing details on the potential impact increased local traffic will have on the surrounding area. Other issues to look at include how more buildings may affect, or create resistance from, your surrounding neighbours.

Creating Your Application

As stated, including all these details is not strictly necessary but, if nothing else, considering them and getting them planned out will help you prepare for and negate any potential objections before you submit your planning application. The process may even help you determine whether your idea is truly viable (which we hope it is!).

With your completed application forms, design and access statement, site location, elevation and block plans ready, you can start the planning process with confidence.

If you are thinking about expanding your stable yard and have any questions about the development and planning process, please feel free to call Chart Timber Buildings about your project. We can help guide you through the process and make your idea realisation as smooth as possible. Call 0800 085 2937 today and speak to one of our representatives.