Large Mobile Field Shelter With Canopy

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Chart Stables specialise in high quality field shelters and mobile field shelters that meet all budgets and needs. While both of our field shelter designs are examples of excellent timber structures for equestrian use, there are certain circumstances where a mobile field shelter might be a better choice for you than a static one. In this short article we highlight some of the potential benefits.

Locational Flexibility

Perhaps the biggest advantage lies in the name. A mobile field shelter can be moved to a new location within your field, or a different field entirely, with a moments notice. Simply attach your shelter to a 4×4 or tractor using the tow chain provided and drag it to your desired location. You can use this feature to avoid problems in your field caused by excessive rain or provide more comfort for your animals during the different seasons. A mobile field shelter can also be highly advantageous if you wish to rotate your field for grazing animals, moving it to places where grass is richer.

In the Majority of Cases They Do Not Require Planning Permission

Another significant benefit of a mobile field shelter is that in the majority of cases they do not require planning permission to be erected. If your field shelter features timber or metal skids at the base of the structure, allowing for frequent movement, the authorities would deem it mobile and it may be except from planning permission. This can save you a lot of hassle and time, as you can purchase and erect your new shelter straight away.

These are just some of the benefits of our mobile field shelters, visit the product overview page for more information or download a free brochure.