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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Chart Stables will be sponsoring Teddy at Mane Chance Sanctuary’s open day on Sunday, 20th August.

Hamish, Teddy and Duncan came to Mane Chance as a ready made herd when their owner’s circumstances changed. They had grown up together having initially been rescued from a truly awful breeding site, and they needed to stay together. Mane Chance seemed the perfect choice and they have been delighted to welcome them. Teddy has been most interesting to watch in the changes that the three have had; like Duncan, he was a foal when they were removed from distressing circumstances and so he has not got the same level of emotional scarring as Hamish has. But as we know, two’s company and three’s a crowd – and Teddy was definitely number three in their grouping – whilst not aggressively, he had been pushed off haynets by the other two when they wanted them and he was often seen grazing on his own when the other two were so close. So his introduction into a herd of other horses has definitely meant he has lost the separation in his life and he has always got someone to be near – and he definitely does like to be close to any other horse – although we think he has rather taken a fancy to Thelma as it is often her! Teddy is definitely a horse you could take home and would join you on your sofa for a movie – he is often the first to race over when anyone enters the field and could not be more affectionate – he totally lives up to his name – a cuddly teddy bear that any one of us would be very happy to own!

Please come and visit Teddy and all the other horses on Mane Chance Sanctuary’s open day on Sunday, 20th August 2017.

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