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Friday, 11 November 2016

With winter weather now coming in fast and ground conditions changing quite quickly under foot in the fields, is the time to consider the benefits of Mobile Field Shelter of Mobile Stables. The buildings are so universal with a host of multi functional uses.

Mobile Field Shelters:

Our Mobile Field Shelters are used primarily to offer instant shelter for a host of animals that live out eg horses, ponies, alpaca and cattle. They are ideal as hay stores and Implement Stores on small holdings and farms. We offer a wide range of sizes which can be adapted to suit your requirements eg creating an Enclosed Store within the Field Shelter.

Mobile Stables:

Our Mobile Stables vary in size from the straight forward 12′ x 12′ Mobile Stable up to three Stables joined together but still movable. Within the range of standard sizes they can be adapted to incorporate a Tack Room or even a Hay Store or open fronted Field Shelter.

In most instances Planning Permission is not required hence their popularity. But like in all things there are exceptional circumstances eq within the confines of a listed property or within an Area of Scientific Importance or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


If you have an idea you would like to discuss please do give us a ring on: 01233 611123.

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