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Monday, 29 January 2018

Winter is generally a little quieter on our horse yards and farms than the warmer seasons, not any less hard of course, but not so much going on. Less people mulling around and competitions to think about leaves us a little more spare time. Making Winter the perfect time to look at organising your space and preparing for Summer, we have gathered some top tips just for you:

• Clear the clutter; if you find things you don’t use anymore, donate or sell them and anything that’s broken, throw it out or get it fixed.

• Clean up your spaces; remove dirt and debris then fix any cracks, holes or damaged fixings, this will help keep the dust out and your tack in its place.

• Sort the seasons; gather all your Spring, Summer and Autumn items into piles, make sure they are clean and then store together ready for use in the relevant season (make sure to label everything saving time when looking for a specific item). Once the Winter is over, do the same, clean everything and store away ready for next year. This will also free up space in your Tack Room.

• Store rugs in seal-able bags or plastic tubs, label and stack up on shelves for easy access.

• Use trouser clip hangers and a pole to hang numnahs or saddle cloths, this allows the air to circulate drying your items while you can easily pick one without rifling through others.

• Attach Velcro strips to an unused section of wall for easy bandage or boot storage (or anything with Velcro!)

• Organise vertically; while bins are easy to throw things in it can be difficult to find a specific item quickly. Hanging items ensures you find the correct item first time.

• Everything off the floor; try to keep all your items on shelves or racks to keep the floor clear and sweep daily.

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