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Monday, 4 December 2017

Winter brings its challenges so we’ve compiled a list of the best life hacks we could find for you and your horse. You can thank us later…

  1. Always wear a hat, a great deal of heat is lost through our heads so bust out the woolly hat, you know, the one with ear flaps and a bobble on top and keep a lid on your warmth!
  2. A heater in your tack and rug room will help dry off rugs quicker and prevent your tack from getting damp and mouldy.
  3. Put hardcore or used shavings down in field gateways to stop them getting too poached. Plus make sure all your gates open and close easily so you’re not standing on ice struggling to open one with a jumpy horse next to you.
  4. If you water pipes tend to freeze invest in a few large water containers, fill them up in the evening and keep inside ready for the morning.
  5. Horses stabled? Buy 14 hay nets and fill them all on a Sunday evening, making it easier and quicker during the week. Find hay nets a pain to fill? Screw 2 hooks into a wall and hook your hay net up. Hold the opening and stuff away.
  6. Cut tails shorter than normal to keep them and hind legs mud free, or for extra cleanliness plait the bottom into a thick plait.
  7. Use a brick in an old carrot bag or hammer to break ice on frozen water troughs then use a colander to remove broken pieces of ice, slowing the re-freeze and keeping your hands dry.
  8. Don’t be a martyr when it comes to exercising your horse. If you’re miserable in the really rough weather he’ll likely be too.
  9. Keep your padlocks wrapped in plastic bags, wrapping a plastic bag round your padlocks will stop most of the water and ice getting in and freezing your locks shut, or make sure you carry de-icer with you.
  10. Invest in a plug in flask for your car, just plug it into your lighter socket and boom hot drinks/soup on tap. Just what you need after freezing your extremities off trying to get your horse in!

On a small side note if you fancy a laugh check out these hilarious articles, whether your horse is stabled at night or out all the time, what do you think he’s actually thinking…

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