Single Mobile Stable

A portable and customisable mobile stable designed for a single horse, featuring mobility and tailored facilities.
Single Mobile Stable
Single Mobile Stable

1 Mobile Stable Block

Single Mobile Stable for one horse

The single mobile stable for horses, thoughtfully constructed by Chart Stables, offers a practical and versatile solution for individual horse owners. Measuring 12'' x 12' (3.6m x 3.6m), this compact stable provides a comfortable living space for a single horse, making it an excellent choice for those with one equine companion.

For horse owners with multiple horses, Chart Stables also offers the double mobile stable with two stables or the triple mobile stable with three stables, providing ample space for larger horse herds while maintaining the same level of quality and customisation.

One of the standout features of these mobile stables is the choice of roofing materials, ensuring horses are sheltered from various weather conditions while offering an aesthetically pleasing look.

Chart Stables caters to diverse requirements by offering two ranges of mobile stables, ensuring customers find the perfect fit for their specific needs. With each stable built to order, Chart Stables guarantees that individual requirements are met, ensuring customer satisfaction.

These mobile stables are built on either metal or timber skids, designed to be easily moved by a 4x4 or small tractor. This mobility allows horse owners to rotate grazing areas or relocate the stable when needed, providing flexibility for horse care and management.

Whether you have a single horse or a larger herd, the single mobile stable from Chart Stables provides a durable and customisable solution, ensuring your horses have a safe and comfortable space to call home.

Single Mobile Stable Ranges

Clipper Mobile Stables

Our most popular range, Clipper mobile stables are available on galvanised metal or pressure treated timber skids. Economical, practical and available assembled at your location, or on a DIY kit self-assembly basis, providing perfect entry level movable stabling.

  • Robust timber framing, measuring 75mm x 50mm.
  • OS kickboarding lined to 1.2m (4′) high.
  • Choose from galvanised metal or pressure treated timber skids.
  • Supplied with a heavy-duty towing chain with two points located at both ends of mobile stable.
  • 1.2m (4’) canopy fitted to front.
  • Guttering to front of mobile stable.
  • Mesh and perspex window as standard
  • Top and bottom stable door included, with galvanised chew stripping extending 15" down the top of the bottom stable door.
  • Clear Onduline roof sheet added for substantial additional light to rear.
Chart Mobile Stables

Our Chart Range Mobile Stable offers several features over our Clipper Range, including increased building framing size, anti-chew-strips to the top door opening surround, a two-bladed louvred window with galvanised security bars and thicker kickboarding.

  • Thicker timber framing 100mm x 50mm (4' x 2')
  • Thicker OS kickboarding to 1.2m (4’) high.
  • Two-bladed louvre window, with a fixed Perspex lower section, with solid metal bars to the rear for added security.
  • Extended galvanised anti-chew strips, giving added protection.
  • A 1162mm x 864mm talk grille is fitted between stables.
  • 150mm x 75mm timber skids (max size stable 7m x 3.6m). Galvanised metal skids 80mm x 80mm standard on larger sizes or option on small sizes.
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