Small American Barn with 4 stables

A self-contained equestrian American barn with four stables, offering convenience and year-round shelter for your horses.
Small American Barn with 4 stables
Small American Barn with 4 stables

4 Box Horse Barn

Small American Barn with four stable boxes.

The equestrian American barn built by Chart Stables is a highly practical and versatile solution for horse owners seeking year-round shelter and centralised facilities. Unlike a traditional stable block or stable yard, an American barn houses stables within a single, well-designed structure, offering numerous advantages to both horse and owner.

One of the key benefits of an American barn is year-round shelter. The barn's enclosed design protects horses from harsh weather conditions, such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. This ensures that the equine residents stay comfortable and healthy throughout the year, no matter the weather outside. With the option of having full size barn doors at either end, you can get excellent ventilation throughout the barn. We also offer American Barn top doors or full top and bottom stable doors to the rear of each stable leading outside which some clients have used to create individual turnout pens for each stable.

Additionally, having all facilities self-contained under one roof is a game-changer for equestrian management. With stables, wash bays, feed rooms, and tack rooms all within the barn, horse owners can efficiently manage daily routines and chores without needing to step outside or visit different buildings. This convenience saves time and effort, making horse care more streamlined and enjoyable.

Chart Stables' equestrian American barn exemplifies this convenience and efficiency. Even the smallest version, with four stable boxes, offers ample space for horse accommodation and essential facilities. However, the options don't end there. Chart Stables manufactures much larger American barns with numerous stables, wash bays, feed rooms, and tack rooms, catering to the needs of larger horse herds or professional equestrian facilities.

Whether you have a small or large equestrian setup, an American barn from Chart Stables provides a cohesive and efficient environment for horse care. The thoughtfully designed barn ensures that all the necessary facilities are conveniently located, and the year-round shelter guarantees the well-being of your beloved equine companions. Investing in an equestrian American barn is a testament to Chart Stables' commitment to creating premium equestrian buildings that meet the diverse needs of horse owners.

Small American Barn Ranges

Chart American Barn

Our American Barns are available in a wide range of sizes, or as a customised design and built on your premises by our skilled staff. These are special buildings and individually tailored to your requirements.

  • Pressure-treated timber for longevity.
  • Robust timber framing, measuring 100mm x 50mm.
  • 2.4m wide sliding door on steel runner to the front gable end.
  • Heavy-duty, side hinged, stable door for easy access.
  • OS kickboarding to 1.2m (4’).
  • Black Onduline roof fully lined with OSB board.
  • Clear Onduline roof sheet above each stall.
  • Guttering fitted to both sides of the Barn.

Optional Upgrades:

  • 2.4m wide sliding door on steel runner added to rear gable end.
  • Upgrade to lightweight Onduvilla tiles (Black, Shaded Brown or Shaded Red).
  • American Barn Top Doors can be added to the rear of each stall.
  • Wide choice of windows available including six bladed louvred windows.
  • External individual stable doors.
  • Increased stable size up tp 4.2m.
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