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Delivery Across the UK and Europe

EU FlagWe deliver our diverse range of buildings across the UK and have established a network of distribution across Europe and to the Channel Islands.

United Kingdom Delivery and Building Installation

In virtually all instances we deliver and install our buildings. Occasionally a client will require a delivery only service and for this we can offer the services of a local haulier to deliver, for self-assembly. Please contact our support team for further details.

Delivery To The Channel Islands

We regularly deliver equestrian buildings to the Channel Islands. For buildings that are above a certain size we will also consider delivering and installing, if required. Please call our support team to discuss this service.

France & European Delivery & Installation

For many years we have supplied our Equestrian buildings to clients down through France and across Europe. We are ideally positioned here in Kent, within close proximity to Dover Docks and Calais, to supply our Agents and clients across mainland Europe, as far south as the Mediterranean. We work closely with two hauliers who travel from Kent across Europe weekly and can deliver your buildings for self assembly. We can advise on planning applications and VAT exemption, if applicable.

Our aim is always to ensure the purchase of your Chart timber building is as stress free as possible and that you will go on to enjoy many years of pleasure from our buildings.

Planning & Advice Service

Architect-Drawing-PlanWe can support you with your planning application, providing you with elevated drawings to accompany your planning application. In addition, our experts can talk you through the design of your buildings and give general advice regarding groundworks that may need to be completed prior to assembly.

Do I need Planning Permission?

Whilst this will not be the answer you will want to hear, in 99% of cases the answer is yes. We would always suggest that a telephone call to your local Council is a good idea. They will give you some good, free advice and in most cases visit you. Listening to their suggestions in the first place may possibly save you time and money. Whilst we cannot give you the advice that a Planning Consultant can, we are able to offer you a helping hand, based on our experience over the years.

How long will Planning Permission take?

Approximately 8 weeks.

Can I replace old buildings?

Yes, but always make sure you are building like-for-like. Do not exceed the original ground floor area or height. We suggest that you take some photographs of the original buildings.

How do I go about getting Planning Permission?

Firstly, you will need to ask your local Council for the necessary forms. These are not as daunting as you may think. The Council will need a scaled site plan, clearly marked with the position of your new buildings and six copies of elevated drawings. We can supply elevated drawings to you, if required. Finally, a cheque will need to be sent to the Council along with your application.

Delivery Day

On the delivery day it is imperative that our team can get easy and close access to the erecting site. They will work productively and courteously and leave the site tidy.

Project Completion

On completion, our senior erector will require you to ensure everything has been carried out to your satisfaction and will then require the final payment.

Timber Treatment

timber-treatmentChart Stables, along with probably 98% of the Country’s leading timber frame building manufacturers have been using a pressure treatment process for twenty years, to BS & EU Standards.

What Is Tanalised Timber?

Tanalised timber has been impregnated with Tanalith E (used to pressure treat timber) , a waterborne product based on copper triazole technology. Copper is derived from recycled sources and triazoles are organic biodegradable biocides, commonly used to protect many of the food crops we eat.

This type of timber treatment is used extensively throughout the world and is used in the construction of timber buildings; eg within timber garages, play ground equipment, fencing, timber decking, the list is endless.

Pressure treated timber ensures a long maintenance-free life against fungal decay (rot) and insect attack, and best of all, your building will require no further treatment during its life.

The Difference Between Pressure Treating, Dipped & Sprayed Timber

Buildings that have been manufactured and then dipped or sprayed do not offer the same protection. This is a considerably cheaper option with untreated timber costing approximately 15% less than timber that has been pressure treated. This represents a very substantial saving to the manufacturer who doesn’t use pressure treated timbers…

Perhaps more frustratingly, if your building has not been pressure treated it will require repeated treatments, by yourself, during its life at additional cost and inconvenience to you.

Why Choose Tanalised Timber?

Do you want to spend time and money every year treating your building or do you want the maintenance-free option that opting for Chart’s Tanalised timber offers? Our aim here at Chart Stables is to offer you a building with minimal maintenance during its life except keeping it cobweb free!


Timber Treatment

DIY StablesWe offer substantial discounts for DIY buildings collected from our Workshops in Ashford. Buildings are supplied complete. All the components are cut to size, and all the necessary screws, nails and bolts are included in order to make the assembly process as straight forward as possible. Detailed instructions are included and in the unlikely event you encounter a problem, we have trained staff available to offer advice, over the phone. The tools you will need include a hammer, hand saw, cordless screwdriver and a hammer drill.

A question often asked is how long it will take to assemble. As a guide our installation teams, as an example will assemble a single 12′ x 12′ (3.6m x 3.6m) Stable in approximately an hour and a half. But please remember we are assembling buildings on a daily basis and it is highly unlikely that you would be able to match this time. Health and Safety is uppermost in our minds and we would urge you to take great care. The wall panels of our buildings are very heavy, so lifting them can be an issue. Particular care must be taken when on roofs and Scaffold Towers should be used.

We would further recommend the use of Safety Boots and protective eye wear at all times. In the event you need advice we would suggest speaking to your local Health and Safety Executive, useful information can be found on their website

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