Chart Mobile Stables

Our Chart Range Mobile Stable offers several features over our Clipper Range, including increased building framing size, anti-chew-strips to the top door opening surround, a two-bladed louvred window with galvanised security bars and thicker kickboarding.

  • Thicker timber framing 100mm x 50mm (4' x 2')
  • Thicker OS kickboarding to 1.2m (4’) high.
  • Two-bladed louvre window, with a fixed Perspex lower section, with solid metal bars to the rear for added security.
  • Extended galvanised anti-chew strips, giving added protection.
  • A 1162mm x 864mm talk grille is fitted between stables.
  • 150mm x 75mm timber skids (max size stable 7m x 3.6m). Galvanised metal skids 80mm x 80mm standard on larger sizes or option on small sizes.
Chart Mobile Stables

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Chart Mobile Stables

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