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Field Shelters With Design Improvements

The Chart Range of Field Shelters have the same basic features as our Clipper Range Field Shelters but with some significant design upgrades.


Thicker Kickboards

Chart Range Field Shelters come with upgraded 18mm thick, moisture-resistant, OS kickboards that extend 1.2m high giving additional protection against interior wall damage.

Anti-Chew Strips

Anti-Chew Strips are fitted to the vertical sides of the shelter openings for added protection.

Slip Rail & Galvanised Brackets

A pressure treated timber slip rail with galvanised brackets is included with each shelter opening, providing an easy and convenient way to keep your animals inside their shelter.

Roof Boarding

OS roof boarding is fitted to the underside of the Onduline roof for better insulation.

  Chart Range Chart Range
Main Features Optional Extras
Structure External and internal pressure treated timbers throughout (excluding roof purlins)
Framing 100mm x 50mm (4' x 2')
Canopy 1.2m (4′) canopy included
Guttering Front guttering and down-pipe included
Kickboards Increased 18mm OSB kick boards that extend 1.2m (4')
Doors Add timber double doors or metal gates
Roof Black Onduline roof sheeting underlined with 11mm OS roofing boards Upgrade to coloured Onduline, Green Mineral Felt or a range of coloured Felt Tiles
Anti-Chew Fitted to vertical sides of shelter openings with timber slip rail and galvanised brackets
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