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Highly Functional, Multi-Purpose Equine Timber Buildings

Our Standard Range of American Barns offer functional, multi-purpose equine timber buildings at incredible value for money. Available in a number of existing dimensions, or as a completely customisable design, our American Barns are delivered and built on your premises by our highly skilled staff.

Standard Features

Pressure Treated Timber

All internal and external timber used in the building is pressure-treated for longevity (excluding roof purlins) using Tanalith E™. This is a specialist preservative impregnated into the wood before construction that helps avoid fungal decay, wood rot and insect attack.

Strong Framing

Our American Barns are built from robust 100mm x 50mm (4” x 2”) timber framing. The black Onduline roof is supported by roof purlins measuring 100mm x 50mm (4″ x 2″).

Sliding Exterior Doors

Our Barns come with a 2.4m (8′) wide sliding American Barn door to the front gable end as standard, perfect for managing traffic in and out of the building and aiding year round ventilation (different width doors are available on request).

Stable Partition Doors & Panelling

The front partition of each stable is fitted with a heavy-duty, side hinged, stable door for easy access - sliding stable doors are available in the Deluxe American Barn Range, only. The partitions between Stable sections have full length metal grilles from 1.2m high to 2.2m high – helping to provide a social yet secure environment for your animals.


The external walls of the American Barn are lined on the inside with 18mm thick kickboards that extends up to 1.2m high - lining to eaves height is available as an optional extra.

Onduline Roofing

The Barn roof is fitted with hardwearing, black Onduline as standard. Each 3.6m internal stall also includes a 2m x 900mm clear roof sheet for letting in natural light.

  Standard Range Standard Range
Main Features Optional Extras
Structure Walls are built with 100mm x 50mm (4” x 2”) pressure treated timber framing spaced at 600mm (2’) centres
Internal Stalls Timber framed, constructed with 100mm x 50mm (4” x 2”) timber and lined with 18mm OS kickboard to 1.2m (4’) high

The upper section is constructed using 20mm galvanised steel bars spaced at 75mm (3”) centres
Guttering Half-round, black guttering and downpipes are fitted to both sides of the building
Kickboards 18mm (¾”) OS kickboards to 1.2m (4’) high Fully lined to eaves if required
Doors Sliding external door

Side hinged stable doors
Stable doors can be fitted to the rear of each Stall

Personal access doors are available
Roof Black Onduline roof sheeting

One clear roof sheet per stall
Underline the Black Onduline roof with 11mm OS Board

Upgrade to coloured Onduline, Onduvilla tiles, felt tiles or Green mineral felt
Windows A choice of windows is available as optional extras including a six-bladed louvered window lined on the inside with heavy-duty galvanised bars or American Barn style top stable doors
Ventilation Two timber louvred ventilation grilles are fitted to each gable end
Barge Boards All in pressure treated, prepared timber, fixed with rust-resisting nails
Anti-Chew Anti-chew strips cap the top of the bottom stable doors, extending 381mm (15") down the front and around the top door opening surround
Special Stable Offers

Winter Sale

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