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Our Introductory Range Of Stables

Despite being our introductory range we can help you create your perfect stable yard and incorporate a diverse range of buildings. For example, a Carriage House, Horse Box Store, Garage or Office can be included within any complex in order to provide an environment that meets your exact requirements.

Standard Features

Pressure Treated Timber

All external timber used in the building is pressure-treated for longevity (excluding roof purlins) using Tanalith E™. This is a specialist preservative impregnated into the wood before construction that helps avoid fungal decay, wood rot and insect attack.

Canopy, Guttering & Downpipe

All Stables come with a 1.2m (4’) canopy and guttering to the front, as standard. Half round, black guttering and down pipe is fitted to the front of all units. Rear guttering is available and canopies can be underlined.


All external walls of Stables are lined on the inside with kickboards to 1.2m (4’) high. These heavy-duty boards are designed to protect the interior stable walls from damage caused by horses kicking out and provide structural support.

Stable Door & Window

All our Stables include a two-part top and bottom Stable door with galvanised fixtures and fittings and anti-chew strips as standard. An opening perspex window is also fitted to each Stable.

Onduline Roofing

The Stable roofs are fitted with hardwearing black Onduline as standard. Each Stable also includes a clear Onduline roof sheet for letting in natural light and aiding the well being of your animals.

  Clipper Range Clipper Range
Wall Construction 75mm x 50mm (3" x 2")
Wall Cladding 16mm x 150mm (⅝" x 6")
Eaves Height 2235mm (7' 4")
Ridge Height 2968mm (9' 8")
Roof Purlins 100mm x 50mm (4" x 2")
Treatment Tanalith E
Kickboard OSB 15mm (⅝")
Roof Boarding Option 11mm (7/16")
Roof Covering Black Onduline
Window Opening
Window Protection Safety Mesh
Door Height 2070mm (6' x 9")
Door Width 1219mm (4')
Door Protection Capping top of door and extending down 381mm (15") to the front
Door Frame Option
Door Frame Protection Option
Door Surround Protection Optional Extra
Door Hinging 450mm (18") Adjustable
Canopy 1219mm (4')
Talk Grilles Optional Extra
Guttering 100mm (4") Half Round
Special Stable Offers

Winter Sale

View our ex-stock building offers and special Clipper Static Stable Winter 15% saving offer.

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